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The Mah-Jongg FAQs
1. "Mah-Jongg 101"
2. Which MJ Rules?
3. Books on Mah-Jongg
4a Maj Links
4b LOTS MORE Links
5. Computer MJ
6. "Rosetta Stone"
 7a. Types of Sets
 7b. Is It Complete?
 7c. What's It Made Of?
  7c2. Is It Ivory?
  7c3. One Word: Plastics
 7d. Bits And Pieces
 7e. "Mystery Tiles"
 7f. Playing Tables
 7g. How Old Is It?
 7h. How Much Is It Worth?
 7i. Cards... and Kards
 7j. Tips For Buyers
 7k. Where To Buy (US/Eur.)
 7m. Where To Buy (Asia)
 7n. Tips For Sellers
 7o. Cleaning & Restoring
 7p. Tell Me Anything...
 7q. I Need Blank Tiles!
 7r. I Need Jokers!
 7s. Tiles 4 Sight-Impaired
 7t. DIY Joker Stickers
 7u. Manufacturers
8. Strategy
9. Etiquette
10. MJ For Dummies
11. History of MJ
12. Tile-Matching Software
13. 1P/2P/3P Rules
14. Table Rules
15. Finding Players
16. The NMJL Card
17. "3 Fan" (HKOS)
18. MJ Symbolism
19. American Mah-Jongg
20. Misunderstood Asian Rules
21. How To Run A Tournament
22. Chinese Official Scoring

How 2 post photos online

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Individual Tiles Wanted

BUYERS: You can post a "Tiles Wanted" announcement here. BUT, before you post, please try, the NMJL, and our Tiles For Sale bulletin board. And read FAQ 7J. DO NOT SKIP OVER THESE LINKS:

  • Matthew Shim's Mahjong Tile Replacements & Museum site carries a lot of different tiles to help you fill out your set.
  • Carol Harper's 13 Orphans site also can match tiles for you if you send a sample tile.
  • The National Mah Jongg League has an extensive tile replacement program to help players complete their tile sets (May to December).
  • Check the Tiles for Sale bulletin board to see if what you need is already offered from a vendor or individual seller. See FAQ 4a for even more leads.
  • If you are seeking a complete set (not individual tiles), please click the link at left for the "Sets Wanted" bulletin board.

If none of that stuff works, then post an announcement here.

Seekers: TO POST AN ANNOUNCEMENT: Email your announcement to or click the picture below to submit your Tiles Wanted post. In your email, you must specify the dimensions, color, and material of the tiles you need. You may submit one photo. If you want to share more than one photo: Click here to find out how to share photos online. Entries that are a waste of everyone's time because they do not provide sufficient information will not be posted. No shouting, please. Typing in all capital letters is considered "shouting." If any part of your post is typed in all capital letters, it will be converted to all lower case before going online. No information you provide through this website shall be deemed confidential.
In February 2014, the U.S. instituted a ban on interstate sale of ivory items, and made it illegal to sell ivory items without a permit that can be obtained only by proving that the items were imported to the U.S. before the 1989 import ban. Consequently, do not ask for ivory tiles on this website; such posts are not accepted.
Not sure if your other tiles are really ivory? See our What's It Made Of? page for assistance in how to tell ivory from bone.


Click this picture, or email the address above, to submit your own announcement.

SELLERS: Don't post announcements here. Just scroll down and read the posts. Then email posters who are looking for what you have to sell. You can post announcements on the Tiles For Sale board (see links at left). But make sure you read FAQ 7.n.


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= @ (when emailing posters listed below, substitute @ symbol for...
...card suit symbol, or green dragon or red dragon, or # or [at] or © or whatever)

Looking for a tile

>From: Rose M
>Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 11:46 PM
>Subject: 2005 China Majiang Championship and Forum
>Hi, I saw that you attended the China Majiang forum in 2005. Someone gave me a set from that championship and forum, because my daughter-in-law is from China (Hainan), and her mother is coming to visit her in NYC soon. Of course, her mom loves to play Mahjongg - the Chinese, not American version.
>The set I have is the China version (no jokers), but it is missing one tile. Since you attended the championship, I was wondering if you could advise me on the maker of this set, and how I might be able to obtain a new tile. I believe that the tile I am missing is the East wind.
>The back of the tile is green - but the color isn't correct in the photo. I do notice there are some lines in the green, although the back of the tile is smooth to the touch.
>Could you direct me in any way? I am not sure what the composition of these tiles are, and I am hoping that since you were there, you may also have a set, and could help me with my detective work!
>Many thanks.
>Rose M

Hi, Rose.
Sorry to disappoint you. I don't have one of those sets, and I have no idea what company manufactured it. If you're not sure you need an E, make a big square as described in FAQ 7B.

May the missing tile be with you. You can try the tile sellers (see the Tiles For Sale board. But the likelihood of finding that specialized tile is very low.

Tom Sloper
湯姆 斯洛珀
Creator of the Sloper On Mah-Jongg column and the Mah-Jongg FAQs -- donations appreciated.
Author of "The Red Dragon & The West Wind," the definitive book on Mah-Jongg East & West.
Los Angeles, California, USA
Valentine's Day, 2019

From: Elizabeth D'andrea
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2019 12:55 PM
Subject: Tiles Wanted
Material: Portland Billiard Black material (maybe an 8 ball material?)
Color(s): Black with white panels
Tile(s) wanted: 8 tiles to be used for jokers
URL (internet address) of online photos:
Please contact Elizabeth D'Andrea

Need blank tiles

>From: Terilyn Schmuker <>
>Sent: Saturday, February 2, 2019 7:48 AM
>Subject: Tiles Wanted
>I am trying to make an American set out of my Chinese set and I believe all I need is the 8 jokers. Do you know of anyone selling maybe some blank tiles with the maroon bake and this size?
>Material: I believe it is a bakelite material
>Color(s): Maroon and white
>Dimensions: 1”2cm
>Tile(s) wanted: 8 jokers or blank tiles
>URL (internet address) of online photos:

Hi, Terilyn! Read FAQ 7-Q. And they're not Bakelite; see FAQ 7-C3. May the tiles be with you. Literally!

Tom Sloper
湯姆 斯洛珀
Creator of the Sloper On Mah-Jongg column and the Mah-Jongg FAQs -- donations appreciated.
Author of "The Red Dragon & The West Wind," the definitive book on Mah-Jongg East & West.
Los Angeles, California, USA
Groundhog Day, 2019

From: Nancy Winikor <>
Sent: Sunday, December 9, 2018 1:38 PM
Subject: black wafer Chinese bakelite missing tiles
I am looking to complete 2 sets of smaller than average mahjongg tiles.
Please look at the photos below. There are 2 different sets with the missing tiles as seen in the pictures.
Here is the list of what I need:
First set:
(tile dimensions….11/16” W x 15/16” H x 7/16” D)
(1) #1 Crak
(1) #7 Crak
(1) #6 Bam
(1) green Dragon
(2) flowers
(5) blanks for jokers or tiles that can be stickered
Second set:
(tile dimensions…..12/16 “W x 16/16 or 1” H x 7/16” D)
(1) South
(1) North
(1) Flower
(1) #4 Dot
(1) #9 Dot
(4) blanks or tiles that can be stickered

From: Bettina O'Mara <bettinaomara at>
Sent: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 11:40 AM
Subject: Mah-Jongg Q+A
My mah-jongg question or comment is:
I am looking for one tile to complete this beautiful set. Anyone have any orphan that might match (I will sticker it)?


From: suzanne zeldin <>
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 10:13 AM
Subject: Needing tiles
black enrobed bakelite
mbt league, ny set
6 jokers (or enrobed blanks)
one 5 bam
This set is beautiful, quite old &missing her sister tiles!
Suzanne Z Schneider

From: Peter Unwin
Sent: Tuesday, June 5, 2018 9:13 PM
Subject: 6 dot needed please
I am looking for a 6 dot tile. The dimensions of this tile is as follows:
Its overall measurements are:
1 1/8" long x 6/8" wide x 1/2" high
Please note the number 6 doesn't appear on the tile nowhere
Also the four circles are red with green dot in the middle and around the outside of the 4 dots. The other 2 dots are blue on the outside of the dot with green and has a red dot in the middle as shown in the picture .

From: Mary L
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2018 1:01 AM
Subject: Tile wanted
Material: plastic. - modern set
Color(s): maroon base, white top
Dimensions: 20mm wide, depth 12 mm, 28mm long.
Tile(s) wanted: flower tile Red 4
URL (internet address) of online photos: see attachment below

From: Stanley Kriss <>
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2018 3:53 AM
Subject: Tiles Wanted
Material: Bakelite
Color(s): Burgundy back Bi-color
Tile(s) wanted:
I have two Bi-color sets that need tiles.
I need a West and White Dragon for an Ivorycraft Set.
I need 8 random tiles for Jokers for an AP Games Set.
Both are bi-color with burgundy backs.
URL (internet address) of online photos:

From: Jeffrey Dicker
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 5:56 AM
Subject: Mah Jong Tile
I am in need of a 7 Dot tile for a Royal Burgundy Enrobed Mah Jong Set.
Here are pictures of both sides of the needed tile.

7 Dot Mah Jong Tile.jpg
Hope you can help me. If additional information is needed, please e-mail me:
Many thanks,

From: Patricia Taegder <>
Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2017 5:00 AM
Subject: Tiles For Sale
Tiles For Sale:
Material the tiles are made of:
URL where you can see pictures:I would like to purchase several times for my mahjong set that are missing.

[Patricia, you should check the vendors listed atop this board, and also check the Tiles For Sale board. - Webmaster]

From: Tami Solondz
Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2017 10:23 PM
Subject: Tiles Wanted
Material: Amber Resin / Chinese Bakelite
Color(s): Two-toned, amber and green
Dimensions: 1.25” x 15/16” x 11/16”
Tile(s) wanted: Any, preferably jokers
URL (internet address) of online photos:
This set came with four blanks and no jokers. Research has lead me to believe that these sets
were only made with 4 jokers. I am using the 4 existing blanks as jokers. I need four more tiles
to use as jokers.
Thank you!
Tami Solondz
Aspen, CO 81611

From: b40a <>
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2017 11:52 AM
Subject: missing tiles
I have a small travel set (green and white) missing three tiles. do you have any idea where to go to get tiles that small?
Thank you
Bonnie Ford

[Bonnie, you should check the vendors listed atop this board, and also check the Tiles For Sale board. - Webmaster]

From: Meeta Sawla <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 12:07 PM
Subject: Looking for additional Mah Jongg tiles
I am hoping to find some additional tiles to add to my set. I have an older set that has 148 tiles with 4 blank tiles. I believe this is a Chinese set. To be able to play the American Mahjongg I am looking to add 4 more blank tiles and then use the Joker decals on them.
I have looked through most of the other web sites you have mentioned and I did not find tiles the same size as mine.
The tiles in my set are 1 1/4" L x 1" B x 3/4" D. They are two toned with green backs and made of some kind of plastic. I am attaching photographs.
Could you Please help me.
Thank you,
Meeta Sawla

Meeta, you should not restrict your search to blank tiles. Read FAQ 7Q. Good luck! - Tom

From: Cindy Carroll
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2017 12:52 PM
Subject: mahjongg tile request
hello, I received a travel mahjongg set that is a chinese set. I have 4 blank tiles, but need 4 more blanks to be able to play our natl. mahjongg.
the set is jade & cream- colored vinyl plastic.
tile width: 13/16"
length or ht.: 1 1/16"
depth 1/2" : green portion: 1/8"; white portion: 3/8"
thank you,

From: Ruth Zlotowitz <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 3:32 PM
Subject: Tiles Wanted
Material: Unknown, possibly plastic
Color(s): Light blue back, clear middle and white front
Dimensions: blue layer 1/4" thick, clear layer 1/8", white 3/16". Length 1 1/8" x width 7/8"
Tile(s) wanted: 4 tiles for use with joker stickers
URL (internet address) of online photos:


Mah-Jongg sellers take note! Be advised that sometimes your "for sale" post can attract offers from scam artists who offer to buy your stuff but are really trying to rip you off. Click here to see examples of actual scam emails received by the webmaster of this site. And don't fall for these scams.


Old posts are periodically removed. If your post was removed, please feel free to post again! To request removal of an outdated posting, email the webmaster. There are several bulletin boards on this site - when requesting removal of your post, please tell us which board your post is on (this is the TILES WANTED board).

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