Shanghai For Kids

In Kids' mode, layouts are always comprised of 72 or fewer tiles. In Kids' mode, you can hear a voice telling you how to play, and giving friendly encouragement. Additional voice instructions are given by clicking on the Prompts box. Five tile sets were created especially for kids: the Spelling, Pets, Alphabet, Math, and Household Items sets. Kids will also enjoy the Prehistoric, Outer Space, Soccer Flags, Monsters, and Fantasy tile sets. There are also three buttons on screen which let you change tile sets and layouts, and switch between 1-player and 2-player games, without having to navigate the menus.

To Start Kids' Mode

- To start playing from the Title screen, click on the Kids button. This will take you to a layout with fewer than 72 tiles.
- To start Kids' Mode from Classic Shanghai or another game, go to the Games menu in the Menu bar and click on Kids' Mode.
- To change layouts in Kids' mode, click on the Layouts button on the screen, or use the Layouts menu. (If you want to play a custom layout, you'll need to use the Layouts menu.)
- To switch to the 2-player game from the 1-player game, click the 2-Player button on the screen, or use the Games menu.
- To change tile sets in Kids' mode, click on the Tiles button on the screen, or use the Tiles menu. For custom tile sets, use the Tiles menu.
- Listen to the audio cues for hints when playing the game. If you need additional help, click on the Prompts box.
- To look down into all the nooks and crannies of the layout, press the arrow keys to change camera angles.
- For more explanation of menu options, see Using the Menus.

Strategy and Hints

- Start with as small a layout as possible (with the smallest number of tiles), and build your way up.
- Listen to the audio cues.
- Concentrate first on long rows and tall stacks and remove pairs that will unblock as many tiles as possible so you can see what's under them.
- Plan ahead as many moves as you can.
- If you no longer need the voice prompts, you can play Classic Shanghai using Kids' layouts buttons onscreen). Or you can remain in Kids' mode and turn off the voices. Under the Preferences menu, select Sounds And Music to do this.

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