December, 2003, Hainan, China

In the evenings after the pressure of the tournament, the foreign players (2 from USA, 1 from Netherlands, 4 from Japan, and one or two of the Chinese referees who wanted to hang with us) got together for some non-gambling fun with Japanese-style mah-jongg.

The first evening we started by using Panda cards (see FAQ 7i) in my room, but then Gabriel Huang took pity on us and got a table and set from the tournament room for us. The second night we played in Sarah's room, which was bigger - and we had two tables going.

It was a multi-lingual event. Japanese, English, and Chinese were spoken all at once. And Sohana occasionally threw in a Dutch word or two.

The Japanese contingent took lots of video - fodder for the TV special they were producing for Japanese TV.

Sohana delighted the group with her impersonation of the typical middle-aged Japanese mah-jongg player - smoking with one hand and playing with the other.

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