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Article #33:
The Korean Game Developers Conference 2003

NOTE: these articles are primarily aimed at aspiring game designers, but many of the concepts described herein also apply to those who aspire to other types of jobs in the game industry. This article is subject to changes and improvements; reader comments are welcome.

November, 2003

I was graciously invited to fly to Seoul for the 2003
KGDC, and speak to the attendees about game design. The book Game Design Perspectives (which includes two chapters by me) has been translated into Korean, and many of the articles on this site have been translated as well. So I discovered that I am somewhat of a game industry celebrity in Korea (who'd'a thunk it?). As it so happened, the KAMEX (a game biz trade show) was also running when I was there.

Herewith a few thoughts and pictures of KAMEX, KGDC, the state of games in Korea, and a little sightseeing as well. Click the links to read the parts you want to read, and, um, ignore the stuff you don't want to read.

Special thanks to TaeSun Yeom and John Song, without whom the trips never would have happened!

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