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Frequently Asked Question 56:

How Do I Make My Own Video Game?
What Should I Learn First?
Where To Start?

Originally written: October, 2005. Last update: January, 2016.

I design and produce video games, but I don't program them. I'm not a programmer, but people ask me this question a lot. So I'll give it my best shot. I get a range of questions, everything from "how do I make my own Playstation game" to "what game dev tools should I get to make my own MMORPG" to "what's the best game to mod" to "what the heck is modding?" I might not be able to answer all those, but maybe you'll find some useful general concepts and specific links here.

Some general concepts are important. You won't believe these statements right away (most new aspiring programmers don't), but in time you'll come to see the truth (probably after you learn them the hard way). Just trying to save you some grief.

Here are some very important links:




4. But That Stuff is All for PC. How Do I Make My Own Game For Playstation or Xbox or Nintendo, etc.)?

Q. That Sucks! So What Am I Supposed To Do???

Q. But I Don't Wanna!

Q. How Do I Program A Game On My Computer?

Q. What Software Should I Get? (By the way, why didn't you just start with this - why'd you make me read all your lousy humor before you finally told me what I really wanted, regardless of how I erroneously worded my original question? You curmudgeon.)

Q. What The Heck Do You Mean, "It Doesn't Matter" Which Software?? How Can You Say That?

Q. I Understand You're Not A Programmer. But If You Were Going To Learn How To Program A Game, Where Would You Begin?

Q. But Flash Is For Simple Online Games, And What The Heck Is A Mod?

Q. But I Don't Want To Make Levels - I Want To Make My Dream Game!

Q. I Tried What You Said - I Tried Modding, But It Was Way Over My Head

Q. Well, Thanks For Nothing!

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