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FAQ 74:

Thirtysomething, And No Degree

Originally written: April 30, 2013

What if I'm thirtysomething - still need a degree?

> From: Justin
> Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 1:39 PM
> Subject: Game Industry Q+A
> I understand that, in order for you to give me the best game career advice suited to my unique situation, the first time I write you, you need to know that...
> My approximate age is: _ 35
> The level of education I've completed is: _ High School
> My occupation (if student, enter 'student') is: _ Telecommunications
> The type of game job I aspire to (if applicable) is: _ Conceptual Artist
> The country I live in is: _ USA
> My game biz question is: _ I noticed that a great deal of advice about breaking into the Game Industry is centered around getting a degree. Without a degree it is almost impossible to get in. I have lucked out I suppose and was hired on with a company that just moved to Las Vegas that is pretty sizeable. I was hired as a Game Tester but with a desire to move into Concept Design and Art. My question is am I doomed to be just a Game Tester due to my lack of degree or can I still ascend in the ranks by putting in hard, quality work? I was told that I was hired primarily for my technical background and leadership experience.
> Thank you,
> Justin A

Hi, Justin. I'm just copying and pasting (with minor modifications) what I wrote to another thirty-something guy on this morning. And I'm definitely going to have to make this an FAQ.

A concept artist has to be an exceptionally gifted artist. Does that description fit you? If not, maybe some other art specialty would be more fitting. See FAQ 53, and ignore the "get a degree" bits, since you are thirtysomething instead of twentysomething. And read these:

Tom Sloper
Creator of the game advice FAQs -- donations appreciated.

Los Angeles, California, USA
April 30, 2013

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