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Just a couple of pictures from some of my many visits to Japan

I found this place in Takanawa, Tokyo, near the shrine of the 47 Ronin. 1999.

Click here to see pictures of that shrine, called Sengakuji, taken in 2002 when I was in Tokyo for the World Championship in Mah-Jongg.

Kaminari-mon, in Asakusa, Tokyo. In May 2001 I went here to get a kotsu mamori (blessing to protect my car from accidents) and a toy requested by a friend in Los Angeles. Photo 1999

My good friend Steve Hanawa (who lives in California) took this picture of me in Tokyo Station in 1999 on one of the rare occasions that we're in Japan at the same time.

Now you know where to get a rainbow when you need one! But don't jaywalk to get to the store, and besides, it's closed at the moment. 2001

The Shimo-kitazawa area has a lot of trendy pubs and eating places. So it's a good place to advertise events like "Missile Girl Scoot." 2001

I visited the Mahjong Museum in Chiba with business associate Kazuo Nii (that's him in the bottom frame). There I met Mr. Toshifumi Suzuki, Deputy Librarian, Director of Secretariat of the museum (upper frame). Dec. 1999

Click here to see pictures of beautiful Nikko, Japan.

Click here to see pictures of the shrine of the 47 Ronin, Sengakuji.

You've probably heard of the famous Tokyo subway system. Click here to see some photos I took in October, 2002.

Click here to see pictures of the first ever World Mah-Jongg Championship, October 2002

Click here to see pictures of some of my mah-jongg friends in Japan.

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