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Tom's List of Products

(Unique titles only*)

Title Platform Role
3D Narrow Escape Vectrex Co-Producer
Alien vs. Predator SNES, Game Boy Producer
Arcade Time Game Watch Designer
Archon NES Producer
Atlantis (re-list) Atari 2600 Producer
Ballblazer Atari 7800 Producer
Bedlam Vectrex Designer
Blast Chamber PlayStation, Saturn Producer
Bomber Raid Sega Master System Producer
Brandingo Card game Designer
Chase-N-Counter Game Calculator Designer
Choplifter Atari 7800 Producer
Crack' Ed Atari 7800 Co-Producer
Crossbow Atari 2600 Producer
Cyborg Hunter Sega Master System Producer
Dark Chambers Atari 7800 Co-Producer
Decathlon (re-list) Atari 2600 Producer
Demon Attack (re-list) Atari 2600 Producer
Desert Falcon Atari 7800, Atari 2600 Producer
Die Hard NES Producer
The Dozens Mobile Design Consultant
E.T. And His Adventures On Land TI-99/4A Graphic designer
Galaxy 5000 NES Co-Producer
Galaxy Force Sega Master System Producer
Game No Tetsujin The Shanghai Various Home Console Versions Brand Manager
Game Time Game Watch Designer
Ghostbusters NES Producer
Ghostbusters II NES Producer
Hat Trick Atari 7800 Producer
Heavyweight Boxing Game Boy Producer
Impossible Mission Atari 7800 Producer
Joe Montana Football (aka Hyperball) Genesis Co-Producer
JT's Blocks IPTV (AT&T U-verse) Producer
Karateka Atari 7800 Producer
Leather Goddesses Of Phobos 2: GPGMTPIFPX DOS Producer
Mah-Jongg Tiles IPTV (AT&T U-verse) Producer
Malibu Volleyball Game Boy Producer
Mechwarrior SNES Producer
Moonsweeper (re-list) Atari 2600 Producer
One-On-One Basketball Atari 7800 Producer
Entombed (Pharaoh's Tomb) Atari 2600 Co-Designer
Picnic Atari 2600 Co-Designer
Predator NES Producer
Pretty Good MahJongg PC Design consultant
Q*Bert Atari 2600 Graphic designer
Rad Gravity NES Co-Producer
Radical Rex SNES, Genesis Producer
Rampage SMS, Atari 2600, Atari 7800 Producer
RealSports Baseball Atari 7800 Co-Producer
RealSports Boxing Atari 2600 Producer
Robot Tank (re-list) Atari 2600 Producer
Samurai Arcade Localiz. writer
Sanrio Shanghai Super Famicom (SNES) Brand Manager
Sargon V DOS Producer
Shanghai Classic Windows 9x, Mac Brand Manager
Shanghai Dynasty Windows 9x, Mac, Dreamcast Producer/Designer
Shanghai Four Elements PlayStation2 Brand Manager
Shanghai Great Moments Windows 3.1 Producer/Designer
Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (aka Super Shanghai) Genesis, SNES, Arcade, Mega Drive Producer/Designer
Shanghai III Arcade, Super Famicom Brand Manager
Shanghai Mah-Jongg Essentials Windows 9x, Mac Producer/Designer
Shanghai Matekibuyu PlayStation, Arcade Brand Manager
Shanghai Mini Neo Geo Pocket Color, Wonder Swan Brand Manager
Shanghai Pocket Game Boy Color Writer & Brand Manager
Shanghai Second Dynasty Windows 9x, Mac Producer/Designer
Shanghai Shoryu Sairin Arcade Brand Manager
Shanghai Triple Threat 3DO, Saturn, PlayStation Producer/Designer
Slaughtersport (aka Mondu's Fight Palace) Sega Genesis Co-Producer
Solitaire IPTV (AT&T U-verse) Producer
Space-N-Counter Game Calculator Designer
Spatial Madness CP/M Designer/Progr
Spike Vectrex Designer
Sprintmaster Atari 2600 Co-Producer
Stealth A.T.F. NES Producer
Star Trek D.A.C. XBLA / PC Producer
Summer Games Atari 7800 Producer
Tapper Various Home Console Versions Design Director
Three Stooges NES Producer
Thunderbirds NES Producer
Tombs & Treasure NES Producer
Top Gun Nintendo DS Producer
Towering Inferno Atari 2600 Co-Designer
Ultimate Air Combat NES (International versions) Producer
Up 'N Down Various Home Console Versions Design Director
Value 1500 The Shanghai PlayStation Brand Manager
Village The Game Browsers Design/Production Advisor
Winter Games Atari 7800 Producer
X-Kaliber 2097 SNES Producer
Yahoo! Games Chess (multiplayer, cross-platform) IPTV (AT&T U-verse) Producer
Yahoo! Games Sudoku IPTV (AT&T U-verse) Producer
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* "Unique titles only" - A game that was completed on multiple platforms or multiple versions or languages, under the same title, is listed only once. Game projects that were never completed or were produced by subordinates are not listed.

Total unique titles listed - 89
Unique titles I designed - 17
Unique titles I produced - 60

Still not counting localizations and ports, but if you include canceled projects and designs, the grand total of game titles worked on comes to 205.

Tom Sloper, Owner/Mogul/Executive Producer
Rochester, New York, USA