The existing diversity of opinion about the rules of Mah-Jongg has been the reason for writing this book and forming the Mah-Jongg League, Limited.

The book gives the rules; the League plays according to these rules.

A great deal of sifting has had to be done to let the innovations made in countries outside China filter away, and keep the residue ; it has also been necessary to select from the slight differences which exist in various parts of China. For instance, in Shanghai the Base Score is 20 ; in Hong-Kong it is 10. This, however, is but a small variation beside such an obviously unfair rule as " Doubling " for an unfinished hand of one suit.

The " Flowers " and " Seasons " have also been rejected, as they are merely a gambling element. They are popular with some players possibly because they look pretty and bring high scores.

For historical information, the British Museum has furnished details ; and individual experience of playing with Chinese, the latest ideas on the subject brought from China by English people, have made up the sum total of rules and scoring.

The chief aim of the League is to safeguard this enthralling game from foreign innovations and to make a fixed point from which it will be possible to expand, if necessary. The outlines are not difficult to learn, but experience will show that both skill and concentration are needed to play the game.

January, 1924.

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