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American MJ Rules (FAQ 19)
The 2020 NMJL Card (FAQ 16-2020)
The 2019 NMJL Card (FAQ 16-2019)
Strategy Column
General Strategy Tips (FAQ 8)

Computer Games (FAQ 5)
Computer Game Tech Support (FAQ 24)

What's My Set Worth? (FAQ 7-H)
How Old Is My Set? (FAQ 7-G)
What's It Made Of? (FAQ 7-C)
Buy/Sell (Bulletin boards)

Q & A Bulletin Board

Mah-Jongg FAQs

FAQ 1. Basic mah-jongg info.
FAQ 2. Which MJ Rules?
  2a. Questionnaire
  2b. Identification
FAQ 3. Books on Mah-Jongg.
  3b. 1920s Books.
FAQ 4a Selected Links
FAQ 4b Tons O' Links
FAQ 5. Computer MJ games.
FAQ 6. "Rosetta Stone."
FAQ 7. ALL about tiles.
  7a. Types of Sets
  7b. Is It Complete?
  7c. What's It Made Of?
    7c2. Is It Ivory?
    7c3. One Word: Plastics
  7d. Bits And Pieces
  7e. Mystery Tiles
    7E-F. Mystery Flowers
    7E-J. Mystery Jokers
  7f. Playing Tables
  7g. How Old Is It?
  7h. How Much Is It Worth?
  7i. Cards... and Kards
  7j. Tips For Buyers
  7k. Where To Buy (US/Eur.)
  7m. Where To Buy (Asia)
  7n. Tips For Sellers
  7o. Cleaning & Restoring
  7p. "Tell Me Anything"
  7q. "I Need Blank Tiles!"
  7r. "I Need Jokers!"
  7s. Tiles 4 Sight-Impaired
  7t. D.I.Y. Joker Stickers
  7u. Manufacturers
FAQ 8. Strategy
FAQ 9. Philosophy of Etiquette & Errors
FAQ 10. Simplified rules
FAQ 11. MJ history
  11a. Definitions, sources
  11b. Precursor games
  11c. Who created MJ
  11d. Earliest MJ writings
  11e. Earliest MJ sets
  11f. Proto-MJ & CC
  11h. History timeline
FAQ 12. Tile-matching games
FAQ 13. Fewer Than 4 Players
  13a. <4P American MJ
  13b. <4P Asian Forms
  13c. <4P Japanese MJ
  13d. "I'm Just Starting"
  13e. Solitaire/Tile-Matching
FAQ 14. Table Rules
FAQ 15. Find Players, Teachers
FAQ 16. The NMJL Card
FAQ 17. Hong Kong Old Style
FAQ 18. MJ Symbolism
FAQ 19. American Rules FAQs
FAQ 20. Asian Rules FAQs
FAQ 21. Running A Tournament
FAQ 22. MCR (CO) Scoring
FAQ 23. Demographics
FAQ 24. Technical Support
FAQ 25. Japanese Majan
FAQ 26. Teaching Tips
FAQ 27. Table Rotation
FAQ 28. Charleston-Stoppers

Q & A Bulletin Board
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Beautiful Nikko
A Hong Kong MJ Adventure
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