This is Bob. He's been with me since 1989. Sadly, he is dying of kidney failure. The vet told me 2.5 years ago that he might have a few months to live. Still hanging in there... but he's having trouble remembering where the catbox is.

This is John. He's about 3, and I got him in 2003. He was a "cat of opportunity" - I kind of wanted a cat to be held in reserve for when Bob is gone, but I didn't actively go seek a cat, out of respect for Bob's lifestyle. But now I'm really glad I got him. He's a very cool cat!

Bob & John don't get along very well except when it's feeding time. Then they're both more concerned with eating than with each other.

Bob was just hanging out on the balcony, eating plants and enjoying the view. But now John has Bob "cowed"** at the balcony door. Bob wasn't really thinking about coming back inside, but now that John is guarding the door, Bob can't think about anything else!

** That was a pun, in case you didn't get it. Bob's markings are reminiscent of a penguin (or a tuxedo) - and John's markings are reminiscent of a Holstein!

UPDATE. Bob passed away on Tuesday, April 15, 2003. These pictures will be left up - he was a beautiful cat with a joyous personality. God, I loved that cat!

Bob had some very special tricks and attributes:

Bob also had some amazing adventures: