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More Hanafuda websites

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Wikipedia has an entry on Hanafuda:

You can play the hanafuda game Hachi-Hachi at Shiragiku Hanafuda" - thanks to Ola Sassersson for the link.

Ola Sassersson has written English rules for Hachi-Hachi at Vingel 8 - Traditional Games.

When I created this page in the early 2000s, had online GoStop (including Double GoStop) - Korean language, so I'm not sure if those games are still there.

Online hanafuda game in Japan:

War of Flowers is for Macintosh - (thanks to Parsa for the tip)

A very pretty Flash game - (thanks to Andreas)

Bob Celko's page (be sure to explore the Game Cabinet site further!):

Download a hanafuda font!

Download a Japanese demo program:

Graham Leonard's Hanafuda / Kabufuda website is archived at the Wayback Machine (thanks to Ola Sassersson for the link!).

Nintendo's Hana-Kabu page:

Nintendo's "History And How To Play Hana-fuda" page: (Japanese language) is THE website for all kinds of card games:

You can play a form of "godori" (go-stop, aka Korean koi-koi) at (thanks to Phil, aka MDK, for the link).

Here's 2 (somewhat different) sets of rules for Si Se Pai (四色牌 - Four Color Cards), a Chinese game somewhat similar to Chinese Chess, in English: and [dead link]. Here's a page with more background on the Si Se Pai cards (Thanks to Graham Leonard.) And there are lots more websites. Just enter "hanafuda" or "hwa-tu" or "go-stop" in your internet search engine and go exploring! (^_^)

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