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By Tom Sloper

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Reader feedback is welcomed. Did we get something wrong? Got a better strategy than the way described in a particular column? Or just a question about terminology? And please tell us which kind of mah-jongg you play (especially if your variant is under-represented). CLICK HERE to comment on these columns!

* Columns written before this date didn't yet have an established format. Column #15 marks the beginning of the standard format. You don't really need to see #s 1-14.
** For more information about authors describing a particular style of mah-jongg, and for Tom Sloper's naming conventions for mah-jongg styles, see FAQ 2b.
*** Unless otherwise noted, "American" means NMJL. May 6, 2003 marked the start of a revised daily schedule, in which American and Chinese Official both are featured three times a week, with Wednesday being the day when other variants are considered.
**** Starting with column #101, the column went from daily to weekly. Actually, three weekly columns - one each week for American, Japanese, and Chinese Official mah-jongg, posted on Sundays. Then, starting September 28th, the column went to once weekly (see Column #131).
***** You can read my excuse for the lateness of column #149 here. If you really need to.

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