By Tom Sloper


April 23, 2003

Hong Kong style (3-fan minimum). Norman's first pick boded well for an honors-based hand.

He threw 8C. A couple of turns later he punged S, and shortly after had to make a decision.

N was his, so that couldn't go. Not just yet, anyway. W went away.

Later, he picked R, and out went the N. Shortly after, he picked E.

"Easy come, easy go," he thought, and threw it back in. A while later he picked and threw 6D - it was picked up by Samantha for pung. Norman's next pick was 4B.

Now Norman had to choose whether to keep Wh or G. He looked on the floor. There were two Wh there, and one G. Out with the White. And so commenced the waiting game for G.

Pick. 9C. Throw.

Pick. 9D. Throw.

Then Waiyee threw the G. "Woo!" Norman cried, much to Waiyee's chagrin.

The group uses Perlmen & Chan scoring (the Laak system).

Norman would be collecting 96 under Amy Lo's system #3. Constantino would be even better - Norman would be pulling in 128! Now he wished he'd voted differently when they chose P&C.

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