By Tom Sloper


April 26, 2003

Japanese Modern (Reach-Dora).

When Etsuko got the dice, she also apparently got the luck. Her first deal had netted her a Haneman hand. As she rolled again, she hoped that the luck would stay with her.

The Dora Indicator was 4B. As she looked at her tiles, she wasn't too discouraged. Main problem was that pung of 7D, since she preferred to play chows. To start things off, she threw W. And of course picked another on her next turn. Soon she was getting encouraged by her picks.

She threw the 2D and sighed when her next pick was 3D. Then got 6B. Later she threw 3B and sighed when her next pick was 2B. Ain't that always the way? Pick a direction and your picking is always contrary. On her 12th pick she got a second 6B.

Believing the luck was with her, she took a big chance declaring Reach on the 8B. Noriko declared Reach on 4C.

"Ippatsu! Mangan." She collected 12,000 points from Noriko, put another 100-point chip in the corner, and dealt again.

She threw S (which Shigeru punged right away). She judged the hand suitable for Pinfu, maybe Tanyao (all simples). She threw ones and nines. Noriko's fifth discard was a 4D (her second such in a row), and Etsuko had to decide. If she took it, she'd be exposed, and couldn't go for Iipeiko (only Tanyao). She chanced it and drew from the wall. What luck - 4B!

The luck still with her, she really went for the gusto now. She threw 7C for Riichi, needing 4D or 7D. Nobody took the 7C. Watanabe-san threw 4D.

"Ippatsu! Haneman!" Watanabe-san was incredulous. Noriko had just thrown 4D, twice - it looked safe! But of course, Etsuko hadn't been ready then.

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