By Tom Sloper


April 27, 2003

American (2003 NMJL card). Wesley had a mixed deal but wasn't that unhappy with it, all in all.

The sixes suggested a Run hand (5B 6B 7C 8D). After the 1st left, he'd gotten only one tile (5B). But he stayed with the plan.

After the 2nd across, somebody groused: "Same stuff going around."

After the courtesy, Wesley's hand hadn't progressed any further.

He decided to save the Wests for Joker bait. After several uneventful turns, Nora threw 7C.

Wesley decided to let it lie. An 8D went out and Wesley couldn't call it. Then he picked a Joker.

Sophia threw 8D but Wesley still stood his ground (he'd have to use every one of his Jokers!). By now, the 4th W had gone out, and he judged his three to be safe discards (to be saved until last). Then Esther threw 8D. Wesley couldn't stand it any longer.

"I'll take it," he growled.

A group "Whoa!" went up. Soon he picked another Joker, then a 5B and a 7C. He threw the last of the Wests.

Now he needed 7C or J (or the case 8D). And he picked a Joker.

"I picked it! Fifty all."

The ladies all told sad tales. They started turning tiles over, talking all the while. Nora grabbed his rack and dumped his tiles.

Wesley cleared his throat. "Anybody care what hand I made?"

Sophia asked, "Who threw it?"

Wesley grumped, "I picked it."

Esther grumped right back, "Why didn't you just say so? How much?"

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