By Tom Sloper

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Column #60

Taiwanese. I watched the group play a series of hands. In the first, one player won before anyone else had exposed. In the second, everyone had exposures but one player was far out in front. But it was the third hand that was exciting. Everyone was waiting.

The action began with the first discard. Norman punged 6B from Mr. Dong. On Norman's next turn, he threw 7C and it was punged by Samantha. Samantha then punged 4D from Miss Wu. Already two players had two exposures showing. Mr. Dong gave up another pung to Samantha: 4C. Then Norman made a kong of 1C. And shortly Mr. Dong konged 3C from Miss Wu. As if that wasn't enough, the next claim was contested. Mr. Dong threw 9D. Samantha called "chow" but Miss Wu called "pung." And when Norman threw 9C, Miss Wu punged that too.

The action continued as Norman threw 6C and it was snapped up by Miss Wu, then Mr. Dong made a concealed kong. Then Samantha threw 5D and Norman made his second kong. Two more pungs went up in rapid succession: Miss Wu made 5B from Mr. Dong, then Mr. Dong made White from Miss Wu. An uneven trade, as it were. Mr. Dong threw 3D and Samantha punged it. Norman threw 6D and two voices shouted in triumph, followed quickly by Samantha loudly slapping the table as she realized her claim had been trumped by Mr. Dong.

Samantha, trumped twice, was hardly consoled by the fact that at least she didn't have to pay.

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