By Tom Sloper

Saturday, June 7, 2003

Column #63

Hong Kong style (3 fan). Earl was on a roll. It began with a hodgepodge deal that showed a little promise as an all-pung hand.

He got a number of lucky picks and pung opportunities, and began to look very dangerous with nine dot tiles out there. The other players couldn't know that he had a non-dots pair.

At this point, he actually had high hopes of getting 9C. The others would be cautious about throwing any Dots. He picked 6D for a four-fan win: all pungs and self-pick. Being East, he rolled again.

Now he hoped to go for a nice All Honors hand, which was worth the limit. Soon he punged N from Susie. He kept picking in bams, so would be settling for a Clean hand. Soon he was ready, just needing 8B.

He was tempted when Waiyee threw White, but decided not to veer from the path. Good thing, too; he picked the 8B for six fan. Clean, dragon, no flowers, self-pick. Still East, he rolled yet again.

Not sure how he was going to go with this one, he began by throwing the Bams away. He'd gotten 4D and 9C, and decided to get rid of Craks, focusing his efforts on Dots. And it seemed to be working.

Susie caused a stir by throwing 3D - very dangerous, but she got away with it. Waiyee caused another by throwing 8D right after.

It was a wall game, but no matter. Earl threw the dice, still on a roll.

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