By Tom Sloper

July 27, 2003

Column #105

Chinese Official (CMCR). Mah-Jongg players have to be flexible. I don't mean that they need to be able to touch their toes. I mean, well, you know what I mean. Waiyee had two pairs and three flowers, and her first pick gave her a third pair.

So she was thinking of maybe going for all pungs or even maybe all pairs. Whichever way she'd go, she figured the G could be discarded first.

Soon she picked a third 1C, then a 4C. She briefly wondered if she should have gone for Half Flush and kept the G. When she picked 9D, those doubts were removed. Then she picked 2C. Her next two discards were chowed. Then she picked 3C.

Now she switched to a bolder plan. So when Noriko threw 7C, Waiyee punged it and discarded 9D.

A couple turns later (during which the other players made several exposures, increasing the tension), Earl discarded 6C. "Pung!"

By this time, Waiyee had no question about what to do. Discarding her last non-crak, she was now waiting for 9C for Full Flush.

In rapid succession, Earl and Noriko made two more exposures. Table looking very dangerous now!

Time slowed down for Waiyee. Noriko took forever to discard. Earl picked and threw in slow motion. Time stopped (or was it Waiyee's heart) when Samantha said "chow!" Then Samantha took her own sweet time to discard. Holding her breath, Waiyee picked junk and quickly threw it away. Noriko picked and threw - and it was Waiyee's 9C! "Hu!"

Adding it up:

It was one of the biggest hands of the evening. Waiyee practically glowed for the rest of the game.

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