By Tom Sloper

October 12, 2003

Column #133

American mah-jongg (2003 NMJL card). Let's do some puzzles today.

1. Here's your initial deal. Which hand(s) would you target, and which three tiles would you pass in the Charleston?

2. Besides the obvious hand, which other hand(s) can you keep as backups as you begin the Charleston?

3. It's the last right. Which tiles do you pass?

4. Starting the Charleston, what hand(s) would you target, and which three tiles would you pass with this?

5. Having played on with #4 above, it's now the second across. You have to pass three tiles (it's a "must across"). Which three do you pass?

6. Last one. Which hand(s) would you target with this mess?

1. The three pairs can't all be used. The Norths only go with the fives, and will probably be tossed eventually. Best bet is Consecutive Runs. Keep the soap for #2, keep the 3B for #5. Pass any combination of the eights, Ns, and 3D.
2. The obvious hand is in Like Numbers (nines). The other possible family is 369. Pass any tiles among 5C, 4B, 8B, 1D, 8D.
3. Pass 1B, 7B, and blind. You want to keep possibilities open for four hands in 2468: #s 2, 3, 4, and 6.
4. Two immediate possibilities are Like Numbers (#1 or #3) and Winds #2. Could also go for Consecutive Runs #4. Pass any numbers higher than a three.
5. The 3D isn't useful for Runs #4 (you'd want a 3C). Pass 3D, 5D, 8D.
6. Go for a NEWS 2003 hand. The pair of 1D is a red herring.

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