By Tom Sloper

April 25, 2004

Column #159

American mah-jongg (2004 NMJL card).

This is what you're dealt. What do you pass?

Having continued with hand #1, it's now time to pass the last right. What do you pass?

This is what you're dealt. What do you pass?

Continuing after hand #3, it's the 2nd across. What do you pass?

This is the mess you're dealt. What do you pass?

Continuing after hand #5, it's into the play of the game, and you pick a flower. What do you throw?

Here's what you've been dealt. What do you pass?

Continuing from hand #7, what 3 tiles do you pass in the 1st across?

1. For a possible 2004 hand, keep W Wh FF and all twos and fours. Keep 9B for a possible Eleven hand. Pass 6C 5D G.

2. You've got two hands going. Pass 36D and blind pass one.

3. Keep all evens, and keep all odd numbers higher than 5. Pass 3C E and any 1.

4. The 4B and 8B pairs can't both be used. You mustn't pass your only eights. If the 4Bs can go, then the 6B might as well go too. Pass 9C 46B.

5. All you really have is a pair of sevens. Two possibilities: 13579 or Runs. Pass 2C 2B E.

6. 13579 #3 isn't all that likely with these (not enough nines, too many sevens). Throw 3B (keep the 1Bs for joker bait when the wall hits the halfway point).

7. Keep 3D in case you want to do Like Numbers. Without 1Cs, the 1st Runs hand is unlikely. You could shoot for the bottom Runs hand, though. Pass E 7B 2C.

8. The dragons are good for the bottom Run hand. You need to keep the 3D and F for Like Numbers. Pass 8C 4D 2B.

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