By Tom Sloper

June 13, 2004

Column #166

Chinese Official Tournament Rules. Waiyee looked at her tiles and didn't see a direction.

She had 3 pairs, and a bunch of nothing. Hard to say what this might turn into. She decided to throw 1B for the time being. When Earl threw Wh, Waiyee had to think VERY quickly. And her brain refused to cooperate. The moment passed, and she was just as happy. She picked 2B, threw G. Noriko punged it.

A couple of turns later, Waiyee picked Wh. Well, that was nice, but now what?

She knew it wasn't going to be shifted chows, so she decided the 3C could go. Soon she picked 5B, threw 7B. And again she pondered what she could do with this mess: maybe pairs, maybe pungs? Picked, threw 8C. Then picked 2b. Pairs or pungs, definitely.

Threw 4B. Samantha punged it. Got F, replaced by S. And she made a decision. Pairs it would have to be. She threw Wh. Got F, replaced by R. Threw S (one had gone out recently).

Then she picked 7d!!

She had only two choices now. She had to throw either 8D or R (which meant she would be waiting for R or 8D for the pairs hand). Looking at the discards, she noted that an 8D had gone out five turns ago. No Rs have been seen at all.

Now she considered the likelihood of someone discarding what she needed. Since no Rs were out, anybody who picked one would be hesitant to discard it. But 8s were more likely to be kept in the hand if picked. So she threw 8D.

And would you believe it? Her next pick was R. "Hu!"

She collected 36 from everyone.

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