By Tom Sloper

August 15, 2004

Column #175

Chinese Official Tournament Rules.

It's early, and your left throws 3D. Pung it?

How about this one. Your left throws 6C. Take it?

What do you discard?

It's early yet. How would you proceed with this hand?

A player discards 8B. Kong it?

There are two 4Bs and one 6C visible. Throw what?

What do you target with this deal?

What do you throw at this juncture?

What do you throw?

1. Mister Mah-Jongg strongly advises against making moves too early. The hand doesn't strongly suggest a direction yet. Be patient, Grasshopper!

2. Yes, try for mixed straight, maybe pure straight. You'll have to discard 1B or 2B

3. 9D should be obvious since it's unconnected anyway. But note that you'll then be calling 7b for mixed straight, mixed double chow ("sisters"), all chows, and one-chance. Nice.

4. Three possibilities: all even, all pungs, all simples. Discard 5D since it's an odd single tile.

5. Konging is well rewarded in this variant. Go for it.

6. Throw 4B since there's only one left. That's the safe and wise move, anyway. Would you believe, shortly after discarding 4B, our player picked the last one.

7. Go for knitted with honors. Keep 28C, 9B, 7D. The 3D pung may have to go (see what comes in). Start by throwing 3C or 9C.

8. The knitted hand is coming in nicely! Kill the pung.

9. R, of course. Go "hu" on 1D, 4D or G, whichever one comes up first.

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