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By Tom Sloper (トム•スローパー)
2012年 11月 18日
Column #546

What would you discard? Something a little different this week - you get to decide which kind of mah-jongg you're playing: American, Japanese, or MCR.

1. American: think low Consec., so discard a nine. Japanese, MCR: think chows and simples, so (again) discard a nine.

2. American: Like Nos. or high Odds, so discard a two. Japanese, MCR: discard a bam.

3. American: high Consec.; discard a three (save the twos for joker bait). Japanese, MCR: those dots look like a good start for a Pure Straight (Itsu); discard 2D.

4. American: the dragons don't fit, and could become dangerous for a later joker bait play. Throw D now, or throw low (go for high Consec.). Japanese: a white would make fanpai, so break up 1B 2B or throw 8D. MCR: go for Reversible Tiles; discard a crak or 1B.

5. American: either low Consec. or Evens; discard 9B. Japanese: 3B has no friends or even distant cousins; let it go. MCR: Mixed Straight is a possibility, so discard 2C.

6. American: best bets are 2012 :1 or W-D #1, so lose R or G. Japanese, MCR: throw any single, and pung or kong anything you can (All Honors).

7. American: Odds #1 or #7; throw 3C. Japanese, MCR: think All Pungs (toitoi); throw any single.

8. American: high Consec. or Odds; throw 1C or 3C. Japanese, MCR: the one and three look weak.

9. American: ignore W-D #4, think 2012 #4: discard wind. Japanese, MCR: think All Honors and Big Three Dragons; throw away a suit.

10. American: "Atomic" is not an official hand, and if you use an "Atomic" rule, I don't know its particulars, so forget that. Think S&P #2 or 369; 5D can go. Japanese, MCR: definitely Seven Pairs; throw 5D and you're all set.

11. American: high Consec. or Evens; lose low odds. Japanese, MCR: 2D is the sore thumb.


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