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By Tom Sloper (トム•スローパー)
2012年 12月 30日
Column #551

A look at a new mah-jongg book: Mahjong from A to Zhú (麻將从A到竹), by Scott D. Miller. Rules for over 40 different versions of Mahjong [sic]. Also includes games like Meow Meow Mahjong, Sap Tim Pun, and Ten Phases.

Miller gives descriptions of some variants I had not heard of before, including: Turkish Okey, Xiamen rules, Kuala Lumpur rules, and "Full Monty Mahjong." The descriptions of some variants are about as short as my descriptions in FAQ 2B (useful for understanding just a little about a variant's differences). The description of National Mah Jongg League rules is just 11 bullets, and contains a contradiction. Mumbai and Wright-Patterson styles are covered in two pages. The description of Majiang Competition Rules is a little over four pages, so of course omits a lot. The section on riichi/dora majan goes into much more detail: it covers a full 20 pages. All in all, I recommend the book for those interested in sampling the varied flavors of mah-jongg, and in learning about alternate games that can be played with mah-jongg tiles.
Paperback: MSRP $14.95 ISBN 978-1-105-65498-5
Hardback: MSRP $32.99 ISBN 978-1-300-09202-5
ePub ISBN 978-1-300-44726-9

And just out this weekend: the NMJL's January 2013 bulletin. The League announces a new rule, permitting a caller to put a taken discard into the hand just prior to exposing it for mahj. A vital resource for all NMJL players, the bulletin is sent to those members who buy the card direct from the League.


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