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By Tom Sloper (トム·スローパー)
2016年 3月 13日
Column #649

This weekend I was invited to a "Free Play" gathering of the Pacific Mahjong League (www.pacificml.com), SoCal branch. I met some nice folks and played a few games of Riichi/Dora Majan. The game was hosted by Ryan Gan at his home, and there I also met Kira Nebilak (owner of the League), and Masa Yaehata, among several others. Kira had written a beautifully illustrated guide, Riichi Mahjong Basics (pictured below), and generously gave out copies. Ryan is a collector of games, and has three Japanese sit-down arcade games and a pinball machine in his game room. Masa Yaehata was well acquainted with my former sensei, Ricky Shiraishi (of whom I've written often in columns and "Mah-Jongg Friends" articles). Masa made the very rare kokushimusou (Thirteen Orphans) hand, and showed us how to play Mahjong Bingo. I regret not taking as many photos as I should have.


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