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By Tom Sloper
August 20, 2017

No. 687

American Mah Jongg (NMJL rules). Is it a real rule? Is it a myth? Is it an ex-rule?

Answers below. Don't look until you've written down all your own answers...

1: b. 2: b. 3: a*. 4: c. 5: b. 6: b. 7: a. 8: a**. 9: a.

*You cannot claim a discarded joker - you can only claim a discarded natural. So there must be at least one natural in an exposed set. Not specifically stated in rulebook, but logical from accurate knowledge of the way the rules work.

**See FAQ 19-BJ.

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Need rules for American mah-jongg? Tom Sloper's book, The Red Dragon & The West Wind, is the most comprehensive book in existence about the American game. AND see FAQ 19 for fine points of the American rules (and commonly misunderstood rules). AND get the official rulebook from the NMJL (see FAQ 3). Linda Fisher's website is the only website that describes American rules:

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