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By Tom Sloper
January 7, 2018

Column #694

American (National Mah Jongg League rules). Did you get the 2018 newsletter? It arrived in mailboxes in the past week, and there are some significant tidbits in it.

1. A player may not change her mind about picking from the wall once the tile has been "moved in any way." I was pleased to see this wording; I used to have similar wording in FAQ 19-AM (the "change of heart" FAQ) but I had to change it when someone pointed out to me that the NMJL had always said the tile couldn't be put back once it was "lifted." Although I could imagine someone sliding a bottom tile and then changing her mind and sliding it back (taking advantage of a loophole in the rule's wording), I had to agree that my interpretation went too far beyond what the League had ruled in writing. At that time, I hid that wording in FAQ 19-AM. This week I was, happily, able to reinstate my previous wording.

2. A tile is considered racked when the tile is resting on the sloping side of the rack. I said as much in FAQ 19-AD, and now the League confirms this interpretation.

3. Even if you call yourself dead, you have to keep playing until someone else verifies that you can't make a legal mah-jongg hand.

4. A discard is down and cannot be taken back when it touches the table or is "fully named." When I read this, I lifted my arms to the sky and shouted, "fully named!!" Former League staffer Marilyn Starr had told one of my readers in 2015 that a discard was considered "named" even if the discarder had merely begun to utter the tile's name. I disagreed with this and said so in FAQ 19A. This week I was able to delete all that.

I'm out of space for this week. To be continued next week.

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