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By Tom Sloper (湯姆 斯洛珀)
February 4, The Year Of The Rooster (2017)

Column #697

It's almost Chinese New Year (Feb. 16, 2018). So here, per tradition, is my special hand for the Year of the Dog. It's a 2018 with two kongs, and a pair, of dragons.

It's 2018, of course, but then we have "D-O-G." D for Dragons, 0 for soaps, and G for Greens. The year of the D-O-G. Eh? Eh? (^_^) In American card notation:

See the parenthetical; I hope that my necessarily terse wording suffices to indicate that the 2018 does not have to match a kong, and does not have to match the pair, and the pair doesn't have to be soap/zero. The hand could be made these ways as well:

Another way to look at it: two dragon kongs and a dragon pair in any suit, plus a 2018 in any suit.

Now how about some Chinese astrology stuff (for entertainment only)! Know your sign?


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