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By Tom Sloper
January 4, 2019

Column #713

American Mah Jongg (2018 NMJL card). As I wrote in last week's column, you get the yearly newsletter from the League if you buy your card direct from the League.

An example newsletter/bulletin
(This year the headline says "Our 82nd year")

The newsletter (or bulletin) always includes rule clarifications, once in a while leaving a little room for additional clarification. From this year's letter:

The answer is logical and friendly, but in this case the question is missing information. The rule applies only if the player had not exposed any incorrect pungs or kongs prior to the mahj declaration. The rule does not mean you can expose a pung now, and then change it to a kong later when exposing the rest of the hand. Because there's another rule that says you can't do that. Sometimes rules overlap one another, and sometimes you have to figure out which one holds sway over the other. The League sets the rules and is the ruling authority on unanticipated occurrences where rules overlap ambiguously. I am guilty of being overly picky about wording, a trait I picked up while reading a century's worth of mah-jongg books from around the world. The words that didn't ring true for me in the 2019 newsletter are the confusingly similar "call" and "miscall." From the letter (I added the italics):

The word "call" means speaking a request for a live discard. "Miscall," though, refers to the act of wrongly speaking a tile's name when discarding it. I wish "miscall" could be recalled and we could all say "misname" instead. As per my rant in Column 353.

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