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By Tom Sloper (湯姆)

May 7, 2005, The Year Of The Dog
Column #265

Chinese Official Tournament Rules. Which tile would you discard? My answers in italics below. No peeking ahead!

1. The favored hand of the Japanese champions is Mixed Shifted Chows. Since you've exposed the 567B already, that one's carved in stone. But there are two ways you can make Mixed Shifted with this hand - one of them uses the meld, and the other doesn't. 345D 456C 567B - or 567C 678B 789D. The 8C and 9C are both superfluous for those options. I chose 9C, and as luck would have it, my next pick was 4C. I threw 9D to add All Simples to the mix.

2. Got my pair now. My choice of discard is limited now to 7C 8C. There are two 8C's on the floor, reducing my chances of obtaining one. So I threw that.

3. Possibilities for All Types. 9B is the sore thumb.

4. Mixed Triple Chow (345B 345C 345D) is better than All Types. Is it greedy to go for both? I threw 6C.

5. 3B is a lucky pick. The 2B pair is now superfluous.

6. Not very good for All Types, not very good for a Knitted/Honors hand. 1D seems like the best choice for starters.

7. Turned out to be good for All Types after all. Throw 9D for a two-way wait. Either way, it's 8 points plus the flowers if by discard.

8. Three possibilities - Pure Straight, Mixed Shifted Chows, or Mixed Triple Chows. The 2C and 4C are expendable.

9. Hope it's obvious; throw 2C, wait for 7C for Mixed Shifted Chows, All Chows, One-Chance.

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