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By Tom Sloper (湯姆)

[DATE], The Year Of The Dog
Column #278

Chinese Official Tournament Rules. In this week's column, we'll take a look at some memorable hands played by Danish player Henrik Leth at the Japan Championship last month.

The first hand earned some oohs and aahs when everyone got a good look at it. Concealed hand with two pungs, two chows, and a pair - reversible!

Henrik noted, "This was apparently considered quite special by several of the Japanese." Probably because it was made without Wh. How would you score this hand? Answer #1 below.

Another hand Henrik made, this time playing against a Chinese player, fellow Danish player (European champion) Sune Korreman, and Saga-san:

How would you score this one? Answer #2 below.

Henrik's "absolutely best hand ever" happened when he was playing at the Hon Atsugi janso of the mother of Sugako Suzuki, a player who did very well at the Third China Majiang Championship & Forum in Beijing last fall. Henrik's opponents were Suzuki-san, Yagi-san, and Sune.

Henrik was holding several honors, and some craks. He had a clear direction, so when 1C and 9C were thrown, he didn't hesitate to pung them. To Henrik's own astonishment, here's what he had left in his hand at that point:

He was tempted to chow, but bided his time and picked R, then Wh, discarding the simples along the way. Finally he picked a third Wh. How much does it score? Answer #3 below.

Henrik won't be at the Fourth China Majiang Championship & Forum in Tianjin on October 20-23, but he'll be one of the organizers at the 2007 OEMC in Copenhagen, June 21-24.

1. Reversible, No Honors, Concealed, Two Concealed Pungs, Single Wait. 8+1+2+2+1=14. Add 8 for discarder: 22.

2. Pure Triple Chow, Lower Four, Self-Drawn, One Voided Suit, All Chows. 24+12+1+1+2=40. Plus 8=48 from each player.

3. Self-Drawn, Two Concealed Pungs, Half Flush, All Terminals and Honors, Little Three Dragons. 1+2+6+32+64=105. The group was using an 88-point limit, so Henrik "only" got 96 from each. Suzuki-san won the evening, despite this great hand.


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