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By Tom Sloper

August 20, 2006
Column #280

American Mah-Jongg (2006 NMJL card). Charleston problems. What would you pass?

1. Only one pair - soaps. No 2 and 6 in same suit, and nothing else that bodes well for a 2006 hand. I'd look for hands that use dragons. Where best to look? Evens outweigh odds. And always remember Consec., of course. I'd pass W, 1B, 9D - maybe substitute a 5 for one of those.

2. Three pairs, and no two of them go together well. The Easts are a red herring, so see what can be done with the ones or with the sixes. Sixes can be used for evens, 369s, and Consecs. Ones can be used for odds and Consecs. The ones don't look so hot, and 369 doesn't look too promising either, but 34C and 5D and 6B work well together. I'd keep all evens, and pass E 1B 9B (breaking up two useless pairs).

3. Two pairs and a pung, and they even go together. Not only that, but two jokers! Hardly ever get such a clear sign to go for an evens hand. 7C and 1D are obvious passers. Unless you wanna go for Like Numbers, the 8B is expendable.

4. One pair, no jokers. Possibles: Like Nos., Lucky 13, Consec., Odds, S&P. S and 4B are immediately get riddable; what to do for the third? I'd keep the sixes for possible Like Nos.; 7B can go.

5. Nines and Reds. Could go Like Nos., Consec., or odds. The twos can go, and either wind.

6. Buncha nothin'. Possible Lucky 13 (5+8) or Consec. I'd keep the bams, the low craks, the 8D. Pass E, 7C, 9D.

7. Two pairs of twos, and a pair of threes. Very good start for Consec. #4. 6C, 7D are easy choices. I'd lose 7B to boot.

8. Pairs eights, soaps. Could be 2468 #3, maybe Like Nos. Don't need 4C, 1D, W. If only jokers would come in more often!


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