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By Tom Sloper (湯姆)

October 22, 2006, The Year Of The Dog
Column #289

Chinese Official Tournament Rules. I'm in Tianjin today, at the 4th China Majiang Championship and Forum. This column was posted early. Scoring exercises, of course. All made by discard.

1. Half Flush (6), Pure Straight (16), Edge Wait (1), Concealed (2). 25+8=33 from discarder.

2. Big Three Dragons (88), Half Flush (6), Melded Kong (1). 95+8=103 from discarder.

3. Mixed Straight (8), All Chows (2), Short Straight (1), Concealed (2). 13+8=21 from discarder.

4. All Pungs (6), All Simples (2), Concealed Kong (2). 10+8=18 from discarder.

5. Reversible (8), Pung of Terminals or Honors (1). 9+8=17 from discarder.

6. It's All Chows (2), Two Terminal Chows (1), Mixed Double Chow twice (2), and Single Wait (1)... only 6 points. False Mahjong. You pay 10 points to each player, right your tiles and keep playing. You needn't discard all your tiles, so you may play defensively. But you may not declare hu.

7. Lesser Honors and Knitted Tiles (12). 12+8=20 from discarder. Too bad you didn't get S instead - would have increased the score to 24.

8. Mixed Shifted Chows (6), All Chows (2), Mixed Double Chow (1), All Simples (2). 11+8=19 from discarder. Could've gotten Mixed Triple Chows instead if you'd won on 6B rather than 3B.

9. Mixed Straight (8), All Types (6), Dragon Pung (2), Edge Wait (1). 17+8=25 from discarder.

10. Half Flush (6), 2 Pungs of Terminals or Honors (2), Melded Kong (1), Outside Hand (4), Two Terminal Chows (1). 14+8=22 from discarder.


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Thanks to Andrew Feist and Joe Moore, whose sharp eyes spotted some problems in this column.

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