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By Tom Sloper (湯姆·斯洛珀)

November 19, The Year Of The Dog
Column #293

Mahjong Competition Rules ("Chinese Official"). Some new rules and clarifications came out of the Fourth China Majiang Competition and Forum in Tianjin last month. And attendees received green bound copies of the latest English translation of the rulebook, "Mahjong Competition Rules." The book can be downloaded in its entirety at - or it might be faster to download from the Nine Dragons site (not located in far-off China): Print this column and insert it into your copy of the book.

  • 3.11.11. Other Errors (P. 30). A new rule that needs to be listed: Sometimes a player erroneously exposes a One Bam tile, treating it as a Flower (in fact, I saw a Chinese player do that in Tianjin). If the player does this with the case One Bam (the last One Bam tile), and if another player needs it for mahjong, the tile may be claimed for mahjong (and the player may add Last Tile to the score). This rule hasn't been satisfactorily defined; I believe it may be justifiable to claim the tile for hu in cases other than it being the case tile. Holding the other three, for example.

  • Seven Pairs (Fan 19, P. 39). When Seven Pairs is combined with All Green (Fan 3) or with All Terminals (Fan 8), Tile Hog may not be added. In the case of All Green and All Terminals, it's inevitable that one pair would have to be duplicated.

  • Knitted Straight (Fan 35, P. 45). Knitted Straight may not be combined with Edge Wait or Closed Wait.

    I think that's it for the changes. Below, I'm listing some of the major errata in the green book.

  • (P. 12 top) Error. South is of course at dealer's right; North is at dealer's left.

  • (P. 12, 2nd para.) Error. Second roller's wall is counted, not dealer's wall.

  • (P. 21) and Appendix 1 (Fan 52, P. 50). Should not refer to five sets, since hand can be made as seven pairs.

  • (P. 23 bottom) Last 2 sentences should read: "When winning on a flower replacement, 1 point for Self-Drawn may be added (the player may not add Out On Replacement Tile, which applies only to kong replacements). It is permitted to discard a flower tile rather than replace it."

  • (P. 27, bottom) Error. Offending player's penalty is for the current hand, not for the current round.

  • (P. 29, 3rd paragraph) Should read: "When a player has declared hu and exposed his tiles, and it is discovered that his hand is in error, he shall not be penalized for exposing his tiles. The only penalty that applies is the penalty for false hu, not the penalty for exposed tiles."

    Next MCR column: some controversies.


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