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By Tom Sloper

January 7, 2007
Column #300

American Mah-Jongg (2006 NMJL card). You'd think I would have prepared some kind of special celebration to commemorate column #300. Oh well. Let's do some Charleston exercises. For each of the deals below, which three tiles would you choose for your first (right) pass?

1. One pair (eights) and one joker. I'd look for something that lets me use those. 2468 or Consec. Right? So the craks and the 3D are definitely on the outs. I'd pass'em all, hang onto evens and dragons for the moment.

2. Don't you hate these? First thing I do when I get a mess like this is count evens vs. odds: 6 evens, 4 odds. Nope. Next I count lows vs. highs (5s count in both): 4 lows, 7 highs. Sheesh. Maybe just go for winds, and keep 2B 6B Wh for a possible 2006 hand (3 months until the 2007 card comes out). I'd pass 2C 9C 4B.

3. The jokers are good, and the S is a definite passer. Just need two more. It's all high numbers (the 4s being sore thumbs) so I'd pass S 4C 4B, go for Consec.

4. Pair 5s, pair R same suit. Those are good for only two hands on the '06 card: Like Nos. #2 and Quints #2. Both are unlikely (Quints because I got no jo's, Like Nos. because I got no other 5s). But what can ya do. I'd pass N 9D 3C. Maybe 2468, see what happens.

5. Pair 5s and a joker. That's better. Could be Like Nos. or 13579. Not likely Consec. I'd pass S and N, and, let's see... 4B. Yeah, that's the ticket.

6. Hmm, pair 4s and pair dragons (not same suit). And there's another 4 in there - good beginning for Like Nos. #2... or for Winds-Dragons #2. I'd pass 3C 7C 1B (not needed for either hand).

7. No hand can use the W pung and the 7C pair and the J. Winds-Dragons #2 and #6 are the best bets. I'd pass 1C 1D 8D.

8. Consec. or Like Nos. Pick 3 from 2C 4B 3D S.


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