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By Tom Sloper

April 15, 2007
Column #314

American Mah-Jongg (2007 NMJL card). Let's get down to work on the 2007 card with some two-exposure exercises. Got your card? Here we go. For each of the following, what are the hot tiles you should not discard? Answers below. No peeking ahead!

1. Seems obvious, yes? Consec. Run #1, so the hot tiles are 1, 2, and 5C. Well, actually, it could also be Consec. #2 - the hot tiles might be 5D 6D 5B 6B. Oh, and don't ignore Consec. #3, meaning the hot tiles could also be 3B 4B 3D 4D 5B 5D.

2. Kongs of sevens in two suits - can't be 13579 #2 (one of the sets would have to be a pung), and can't be 13579 #5 (that needs pungs, in the same suit). Rule #1 says: always think Consecutive Runs first. Yep, sure enough, could be Consec. #5, meaning the hot tiles could be 4, 5, 6 in the other 2 suits. Not so fast, what about 2007 #2 - the hot tiles could be 2C 7C F Wh.

3. Pungs of nines in two suits - hmm, not 369 (#6 is concealed)... and not 13579... oh wait! Tricky: 13579 #5. Can't tell which suit the 5s and 7s are in, could be either bams or craks. At least dots are safe.

4. Pung of 6s and kong of 9s in different suits. Could be 369 #2 or #3, meaning the hot tiles would be 3B 6C 3C G. Hold on, don't forget Rule #1. Consec. #2 is also possible - 7B and 8C are also hot.

5. Pung of 3s and kong of 4s in different suits. Consec. #2 looks likely again (2D 5C being hot) - but check Consec. #3. That means 2B 3B 2D are also hot.

6. Rule #1 says look to Consec. The only 4-flower hand is #4. Hot: 6D 8D Wh. But Rule #1 isn't the last word. Could also be Lucky 13 #3. Also hot: all 6s, 1s, and 3s. Check the discard floor, see what's dead!

7. Just one possibility - Quints #1. 2 and 5 are hot. Don't worry about making her jokerless!

8. Kongs of 6s in two suits - three possibilities. 2468 #4, Consec. #5, 369 #5. Figure out the hot tiles yourself - I'm at the end of the column!


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