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By Tom Sloper

September 2, 2007
Column #334

American Mah-Jongg (2007 NMJL card). Charleston exercises. For each of the following, what three tiles would you pass? My answer in italics below. No looking ahead!

1. Deals like this make me wonder why I play this game! Still, there has to be something... For starters, the E and W are going to go. Oh what the heck, pass Wh too. Let's see if we get any clues from the Charleston.

2. This deal has one solitary pair. That has to be our guide. It'll be either Odds (13579) or Consec. I wouldn't think about Lucky 13s now since there are no flowers. The eights can go, and 4C. See what comes in, and hope to pick jokers.

3. Three pairs but they don't all go together. Definitely Odds or Consec. I'd throw away anything that doesn't go with those two families. The six and W are easy. Lose the seven for good measure.

4. Wow, those dots are great. Lose craks and bams. No-brainer. I love no-brainers at this stage of the Charleston!

5. One pair, high evens. With all those other even singles, 2468 is the best bet for now. Pick discards from among the 1B, fives, and N. Got some leeway.

6. Three pairs, and they go together for 369 #1. Also for Consec. #4. Pass any craks and bams for starters.

7. It's a dotty day. I'd pass the winds and either 8B or 6C.

8. My hand will use either the flowers and the fours, or the flowers and the NEWS. I like the fours better, but sure as shootin', more winds will blow during the Charleston. The nines and the five can go, for the time being. Things may change before the dance is over.

9. Let's see what can be made of those honors and flowers. I'd pass 3, 6, and 9, keeping the fives for now.


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