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By Tom Sloper (湯姆·斯洛珀)

September 23, The Year Of The Pig
Column #336

Mahjong Competition Rules. Some snapshots from the Online European Mahjong Championship on MahjongTime the 2nd weekend of September. What would you discard? My answers in italics below.

1. I threw 2C. Having previously punged North, I was now going to have to pung 1C or R to make my 8 points. Didn't throw 4C just yet, because All Pungs might also add to the score (if a 5 or 6 also came into my hand before then).

2. You want to go Full Flush if possible, but you might have to settle for Mixed Shifted Chows. So, rather than throw the 6D, my play right now would be 7B. Hate those inside chows.

3. If you throw 6C, you're waiting for W for All Types.

4. Throwing 8B sets you up for Mixed Straight on 1C.

5. I threw 8D, trying for Knitted with Honors. Already have 258 in Bams, so the 147 will be in Craks and the 369 in Dots. Could also have thrown 2B 4B or Wh, but I hate to break up a 4-in-a-row (2345B) or a dragon pair when there's this much distance to go yet.

6. I threw 6B, waitng for Mixed Triple Chow on 9C.

7. Throwing 3B leaves you waiting for 3D for Mixed Shifted Chows.

8. Pure Straight is too far, but Mixed Straight is a possibility if you throw 6B or 8B. Still kinda far, though...

9. Mixed Shifted Chows is a very real possibility. Rule of thumb: shift everything inwards (in other words, vote Pluto out of this solar system). So I threw 9C.

10. Definitely want to make Mixed Triple Chow. Two pairs is one too many if you also have a two-ended chow-in-waiting, so I threw 1D.


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