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By Tom Sloper (湯姆·斯洛珀)

October 21, The Year Of The Pig
Column #340

Mahjong Competition Rules. With gratitude to Stéphane Parcollet and the Fédération Française de Mah-jong, herewith a guide to the Chinese names of the fan, in pinyin notation. Pinyin includes not only a Romanization of the word, but a pronunciation guide as well. The numbers tell you what tone to use in saying the syllable.

1-Point Fan

Pure Double Chow

Yi4 Ban1 Gao1

Mixed Double Chows

Xi2 Xiang1 Feng2

Short Straight

Lian2 Liu4

Two Terminal Chows

Lao3 Shao4 Fu4

Pung of Terminal or Honors

Yao1 Jiu3 Ke4

Melded Kong

Ming2 Kong4

One Voided Suit

Que1 Yi4 Men2

No Honors

Wu2 Zi4

Edge Wait

Bian1 Zhang1

Closed Wait

Kan3 Zhang1

Single Wait

Dan1 Diao4 Jiang4

Self Drawn

Zi4 Mo1

Flower Tiles

Hua1 Pai2

2-Point Fan

Dragon Pung

Jian4 Ke4

Prevalent Wind

Quan1 Feng1 Ke4

Seat Wind

Men2 Feng1 Ke4

Concealed Hand

Men2 Qian2 Qing1

All Chow

Ping2 Hu2

Tile Hog

Si4 Gui1 Yi1

Double Pung

Shuang1 Tong2 Ke4

Two Concealed Pungs

Shuang1 An4 Ke4

Concealed Kong

An4 Gang4

All Simple

Duan4 Yao1

4-Point Fan

Outside Hand

Quan2 Dai4 Yao1

Fully Concealed Hand

Bu4 Qiu2 Ren2

Two Melded Kong

Shuang1 Ming2 Gang4

Last Tile

Hu2 Jue2 Zhang1

6-Point Fan

All Pungs

Peng4 Peng4 Hu2

Half Flush

Hun4 Yi2 Se4

Mixed Shifted Chow

San1 Se4 San1 Bu4 Gao1

All Types

Wu3 Men2 Qi2

Melded Hand

Quan2 Qiu2 Ren2

Two Dragons

Shuang1 Jian4 Ke4

More next week. When playing in China, as I will be two weeks, it's extremely useful to know the Chinese names of the fan.



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