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By Tom Sloper (湯姆·斯洛珀)

October 28, The Year Of The Pig
Column #341

Mahjong Competition Rules. Continuing from last week. Thanks again to Stéphane Parcollet and the Fédération Française de Mah-jong.

8-Point Fan

Mixed Straight

Hua1 Long2

Reversible Tiles

Tui1 Bu4 Dao3

Mixed Triple Chow

San1 Se4 San1 Tong2 Shun4

Mixed Shifted Pungs

San1 Se4 San1 Jie2 Gao1

Chicken Hand

Wu2 Fan1 Hu2

Last Tile Draw

Miao4 Shou3 Hui2 Chun1

Last Tile Claim

Hai3 Di3 Lao1 Yue4

Replacement Tile

Gang4 Shang4 Kai1 Hua1

Robbing The Kong

Qiang3 Gang4 Hu2

Two Concealed Kongs

Shuang1 An4 Gang4

12-Point Fan

Lesser Honors & Knitted Tiles

Quan2 Bu2 Kao4

Knitted Straight

Zu3 He2 Long2

Upper Four

Da4 Yu2 Wu3

Lower Four

Xiao3 Yu2 Wu3

Big Three Wind

San1 Feng1 Ke4

16-Point Fan

Pure Straight

Qing1 Long2

3-Suited Terminal Chows

San1 Se4 Shuang1 Long2 Hui4

Pure Shifted Chows

Yi2 Se4 San1 Bu4 Gao1

All Fives

Quan2 Dai4 Wu3

Triple Pung

San1 Tong2 Ke4

Three Concealed Pungs

San1 An4 Ke4

24-Point Fan

Seven Pairs

Qi1 Dui4

Greater Honors & Knitted

Qi1 Xing1 Bu2 Kao4

All Even Pungs

Quan2 Shuang1 Ke4

Full Flush

Qing4 Yi2 Se4

Pure Triple Chow

Yi2 Se4 San1 Tong2 Shun4

Pure Shifted Pungs

Yi2 Se4 San1 Jie2 Gao1

Upper Tiles

Quan2 Da4

Middle Tiles

Quan2 Zhong1

Lower  Tiles

Quan2 Xiao3

32-Point Fan

Four Shifted Chows

Yi2 Se4 Si4 Bu4 Gao1

Three Kong

San1 Gang4

All Terminals And Honors

Hun4 Yao1 Jiu3

48-Point Fan

Quadruple Chow

Yi2 Se4 Si4 Tong2 Shun4

Four Pure Shifted Pungs

Yi2 Se4 Si4 Jie2 Gao1


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