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By Tom Sloper (湯姆·斯洛珀)

November 4, The Year Of The Pig
Column #342

Mahjong Competition Rules. Continuing from last week. Thanks again to Stéphane Parcollet and the Fédération Française de Mah-jong for these Chinese terms. In pinyin notation, words are Romanized, and numbers indicate the proper vocal tone to be spoken.

64-Point Fan

All Terminals

Qing1 Yao1 Jiu3

Little Four Winds

Xiao3 Si4 Xi3

Little Three Dragons

Xiao3 San1 Yuan2

All Honors

Zi4 Yi2 Se4

Four Concealed Pungs

Si4 An4 Ke4

Pure Terminal Chows

Yi1 Se4 Shuang1 Long2 Hui4

88-Point Fan

Big Four Winds

Da4 Si4 Xi3

Big Three Dragons

Da4 San1 Yuan2

All Green

Lu4 Yi2 Se4

Nine Gates

Jiu3 Lian2 Bao3 Deng1

Four Kongs

Si4 Gang4

Seven Shifted Pairs

Lian2 Qi1 Dui4

Thirteen Orphans

Shi2 San1 Yao1

         As you read this column, I'm in Chengdu, playing in the World Mahjong Championship. This column was written and posted in advance. My apologies to those readers who play American mahjong, but when I have an international tournament to go to, the weeks leading up to the event have to focus on MCR instead, and then when I return from the event there are stories to tell and photos to share. By late November or so, we may be able to have another American column.

         Speaking of "American," this World Mahjong Championship will see two American teams. Several of us who played at the Open European Mahjong Championship in Copenhagen last June will be in Chengdu, and the #2 champion from the first World Mahjong Championship in 2002 in Tokyo, John O'Connor, will be joining us. At the time this column was written, the American lineup stands as follows:

         Readers may recall Ryan Morris; he was at WMJC 2002, the 2003 JMPA Goodwill Tour in Los Angeles, and at OEMC 2005 in Nijmegen. Benjamin, John, and Ryan are especially strong players. Looking good for the Americans this year!


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