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By Tom Sloper (湯姆 斯洛珀)
February 10, The Year Of The Rat

Column #352

Mahjong Competition Rules. More snapshots from the WCMJ in E Mei Shan, last November. Final day of the tournament. How would you play these?

1. Can you believe this is what I got in the deal? Five pairs! I kept G for a possible All Types. As I picked and threw, I threw out four pairs (who knew when I picked the first one that I'd pick its mate soon thereafter?) and a complete pung! It was frustrating to say the least. But I eventually picked it myself.

2. I'd wanted to make a Mixed Straight with this, but it wasn't happening. I threw 9C, shooting for Mixed Shifted instead, and breathed easier.

3. Waiting to call 8D, of course, for Mixed Triple Chows.

4. Waiting to make All Types and All Pungs. But when I threw 6C, I heard that dreaded word: "hu!"

5. Had been targeting Mixed Triple Chows, but it wasn't working out. When I picked 8B, the plan changed. I threw 8C. Next I chowed 1B and threw 7C. But still two tiles from Pure Straight, and no pair.

6. In the last session I got four pairs in the initial deal. But Seven Pairs can be so darned elusive. This deal tempted me further with Lower Four, but I didn't want to get rid of the S pair right away. After discarding 4D I picked another 3B. Waiting for 2C for Seven Pairs (but I could drop 2C if another pick looked more likely).

7. Someone threw the case Wh, but I chose not to kong it. The two concealed pungs are better. (The other tiles in the hand don't factor in so are not shown.)

8. Picking 4B made me set for Mixed Triple Chows. I threw 4C and was waiting for 5 or 8D.

9. I missed the first chance to call S but got another opp later. Punged G and picked another Wh. With two Rs dead on the discard floor, I bit my nails hoping to get the case R one way or another and complete the hand in a big way, but, well, that didn't happen.


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