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By Tom Sloper
March 2, 2008

Column #355
American Mah-Jongg (2007 NMJL card). Anatomy of a Charleston. Actually, two.

1. What do you do when you have just one pair, and one joker? I look for ways to make use of the pair. In this case, evens. Quite a few even tiles. And the 45D can be used to make a Consec. hand with the pair, so I'll keep those for now. The E is unlikely to go with them, but there's no need to pass both winds right now. I pass 1B 9C N.

2. So far the plan is going OK. Now I pass E 7B and either 1C or 5D (flip a coin - I pass 1C).

3. Is there a hand that can use eights in two suits? Yes, the last one in 2468, but that one wants me to have a pair of fours in the same suit as the twos. Tall order. I can pass N and 5D for sure, and - oh, I can blind pass.

4. Nothing happens in the last passes; same stuff still going around. After the Charleston, here's what I'm left with. My main targets now are 2468 #s 2, 3, and 7, and S&P #4. None of them are looking good. The Charleston went well in terms of cementing a family, but winning this hand will be a long shot.

5. New deal now. The 45-45 pattern is a start for Consec. #3 or, together with the flowers, S&P #3, but the FFEW0G is a good start for Winds # 4. Or the EEW0G could start me on Winds #6. The Winds options are less risky than S&P, and the Consec. hand is too far. So I pass 2B 4D 5B. No winds come in the first pass, so I pass numbers across.

6. Better for Winds #6 now. I pass 158D. I get R in the first left. I pass numbers in the 2nd left, get more numbers, and that's how the remainder of the Charleston goes.

7. After the Charleston here's what I've got. I have seven non-jokers towards my target hand, Winds #6. This Charleston didn't seem to go as well as the first (only received two usable tiles), but the deal started with a clearer target hand, and the Charleston put me even closer to it. I stand an excellent chance of winning this one.


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