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By Tom Sloper
July 20, 2008

Column #373

American Mah-Jongg (2008 NMJL card). Follow along with me. How would you have played this?

1. Faced with junk like this, I count odds vs. evens and highs vs. lows, and in this there's a definite predominance of high odds. I'm tempted by FF 7C 8C R for a moment, but I wind up passing 1B, 3B, 8C. Maybe not the best choice, but what's done is done.

2. Interesting, now there's a 9D pair. 369, if I get some threes? Can't spend time wishing for tiles I don't have or that I threw away before. Gotta play the tiles I've got. I pass R, Wh, 6D across. I don't like passing two dragons, but offense trumps defense right now.

3. As often happens, now it's the initial keystone, the F pair, that's holding me back. This is an awesome beginning for 13579 #3. I pass F 7B W. "First left."

4. I don't let that new 9B pair sway me from the latest plan. I pass 9B 2D G. "Second."

5. Stuff is already coming back. There are two 2Ds going around. I pass 2D W R across.

6. Still committed to the plan. My last right is 1D Wh 6B, as I deploy the troops for battle.

7. My opposite offers three and I give her 1B 2D G.

8. My first pick is E, I throw it back.

9. Several turns later, nobody's cooperating with my plan in the least! Got a 2nd F, saving it for joker bait.

10. Later: finally, some movement. Punged 5C.

11. Later: the joker bait ploy worked perfectly.

12. Later: I've konged 7C and picked a 3rd 7D. If I can get a joker or 9D I'll be sitting pretty... otherwise, I'll join the kvetching party: "look how close I was!"


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