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By Tom Sloper
January 4, 2009

Column #393

American Mah-Jongg (2008 NMJL card). Well, it's 2009, but to players of the NMJL card, 2008 lasts until April Fool's Day. So: play on! What would you discard, and why?

1. More evens than odds, and the odds are all singles. So 13579 #1 is out. Consec. #1B is a possibility (8 natural tiles) but you don't have the pairs. 2468 #1 looks best (8 naturals, got both pairs). Discard 3D.

2. W-D #4 is best (8 naturals), with W-D #1 (7 naturals, got pair) following behind. W-D #3 (5 naturals) loses out. Discard G.

3. Looks good for 2468 #5 (8 naturals), but it's weak on pairs. 2468 #2 not so great (6 naturals). 2468 #1 has 6 naturals (dots) also (can't use any of the 2Bs). There are 9 tiles towards S&P #4 but that's a tough haul. In order to decide this one quickly, it's necessary to reduce some options. The two most likely hands (2468 #5 and S&P #4) should be preserved. But 2468 #2 shouldn't be killed off because it's so easy (it's kin to Consec. #2). What's left to throw? 2C and 8C.

4. Consec. #1A is an obvious option, but also preserve Consec. #3, 13579 #6, and S&P #2. None of those needs all three soaps. Throw one, or 6D.

5. 13579 #3A makes 5C and 5D expendable. Consec. #2 is a backup option, and it doesn't change what you can throw.

6. With all those jokers you can look at Quints #4 (6 naturals plus 3 jokers). Other options are 13579 #1 (6 naturals but no pairs), Consec. #1A (also 6 naturals. Typical; three hands and they're all equal. Wait, make that four: 13579 #6 (6 naturals). Consider what you have to keep: FF 3455... 135579... 123455. 8D is out.

7. Very good for 2008 #6 (10 naturals). W-D #3 (8 naturals) and W-D #6 (8 naturals) also look good. Those three options use all the tiles. You have to discard something, so you have to kill one of those hands. W-D #6 is worth more than W-D #3, so throw a wind.

8. Options: 369 #6 (8 naturals), 369 #2 (7 naturals), 369 #5 (7 naturals), S&P # 6 (9 naturals). No tiles left over, gotta kill a hand. If you kill S&P, 3B and 9D can go. Killing 369 #s 2 and 5 don't give you anything. Killing 369 #6 yields Wh G F. Go for the gusto? Wh or G or F. Or play it safe? 3B or 9D.

A tip of the hat to sharp-eyed reader Keating Vogel!

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