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By Tom Sloper (トム•スローパー)
2009年 9月 6日
Column #422

Japanese Modern (riichi/dora). Mahjong is all about making snap decisions. I played in a 2-table Ron2 tournament online this weekend; let's see what interesting decisions I ran up against.

What would you discard? If I had it to do over again, I'd discard 9M for a two-way wait, but in the heat of the moment I discarded 7M.

And now? I had a two-way wait so I threw 東. Where was my brain earlier??

I picked yet another 東. I decided the mahjong gods were trying to tell me something, so I threw 7M. And believe it or else, it worked, I won that hand, picked 6M. Dumb luck.

No-brainer. I threw 7M. Would you do the same?

Again, no-brainer. I threw 7S. Didn't win, but tenpai.

My left neighbor threw 7P, so I called it, threw 4P. I don't remember offhand whether I made the hand or not.

What would you discard? I discarded 8P, declared riichi. Another player won the hand on my right neighbor's discard. Oh well!

I was tenpai with the above, waiting for chun. My opposite had the other pair (and exposed pungs of ao and shiro, so I kinda figured he had my chun.)

The Ron2 mini-tournaments occur on a mostly biweekly basis, organized by Jenn Barr. I love'em. No cigarette smoke, for one thing. But even better, I don't stand to lose a big wad of cash each time I play. (^_^)

There was a brief hiatus in the biweekly schedule because Jenn was in Macau, but now she's back. I'm sure she'll tell us about her trip in her column! Should make for an enjoyable read., of course. And if you like Japanese majan, participate in the forums there too.

* Dora indicator shown, not dora tile.


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