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By Tom Sloper
May 2, 2010

Column #449

American Mah Jongg (2010 NMJL card). Today is "But You?" Day. You know, May 2. May 1 is May Day, right? Well, the radio word "Mayday" originated with the French: "m'aidez" means "Help me!" and sounds like "Mayday." So, May Two... "mais tu?" That's French for "But you?"

Eh? Eh?

Okay, okay, RBMPT (really bad multilingual pun time) is over. Pour maintenant, anyway. Let's look at some WWYD problems. What would you discard? Counting the jokers this time...

1. 2468 #1 (9 tiles), Consec. #6 (11 tiles), or Consec. #5 (8 tiles). The problem with 2468 is clear: need pair 6's. Consec. #6 problem: it's concealed, can't call. Consec. #5 is the weakest; no 7's. Can't preserve both 2468 and bottom Consec., have to commit to Consec. I'd throw 2B, saving the 4's for joker bait.

2. Consec. #2 (7 tiles), Consec. #3 (7 tiles), Consec. #5 (6 tiles), Consec. #6 (7 tiles 4 ways), S&P #5 (8 tiles). The 9's are expendable.

3. Would have been great for 369 a couple years back, but the card changes. 369 #4 (6 tiles), Consec. #4 (5 tiles), Consec. #2 (6789, 7 tiles), 13579 (7 tiles). No matter how you look at it, there are four discardables: 3C pair, 5C 7B. I'd hang onto the pair for joker bait, flip a coin for the other two.

4. 2010 #2 (12 tiles), W-D #6 (10 tiles), Consec. #6 (9 tiles), Like Nos. #2 (8 tiles 2 ways). All you need to preserve are 2010 and maybe W-D. Throw a 1 or a 2.

5. 2468 #3 (7 tiles), Like Nos. #2 (10 tiles), Consec. #6 (9 tiles). 2468 is clearly the weakest, and that makes the 8's expendable.

6. Consec. #1 (8 tiles), Consec. #2 (8 tiles), Consec. #5 (7 tiles). None of them needs 6D, so chuck it.

7. 13579 #2B (7 tiles), 13579 #4 (10 tiles), 13579 #5B (8 tiles), 13579 #7 (8 tiles), Consec. #1 (7 tiles), Consec. #2 (8 tiles). Obviously you need to mainly think odds. The non-odd tiles are 6C and the 8D pair. Throwing 8D ruins both Consec. options, but throwing 6C ruins only Consec. #2. So that's it.

8. Consec. #1 (9 tiles), Consec. #2 (10 tiles), Consec. #5 (8 tiles). F is only needed for the weakest hand. Jetez la fleur.

A tip of the beret to Jennifer B!

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