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By Tom Sloper

Column #470

American Mah Jongg (2010 NMJL card). Continuing defense by the numbers.

1. Like Numbers with a quint? Call her dead.

2. She is doing Quints #1, but she didn't notice the color-coding. It's a one-suit hand, so she's dead.

3. Quints #1; 4D is hot.

4. Quints #3 has to be two suits, not one. Call her dead.

5. That's more like it; flowers are hot.

6. Quint of twos, kong of fours: that's not gonna fly.

7. Quints of twos and fours in two suits: also no good.

8. Quints of twos and fours in one suit, though, that's another story. Quints #1; 3B is hot.

9. No twos and fives, no twos and sixes, no twos and sevens, no twos and nines. Let's skip the rest of the possible two-set melds with a quint of twos, because if she makes any of them, she's dead.

10. Consec. #2 or 13579 #2. Hot tiles are 2C, 4D, 3C, and 5D.

11. No hand on the 2010 card matches this.

12. Ditto.

13. Ditto.

14. Ditto.

15. Consec. #6 must be concealed. Call her dead.

16. Ditto.

17. Consec. #3. Hot tiles are 4B and R.

18. What is she thinking? No matter; she's dead.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to sharp-eyed reader Raena Sherb!

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