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By Tom Sloper
May 22, 2011

Column #488

American Mah Jongg (2011 NMJL card). Defense by the numbers (ones). An opponent is showing the following exposures. What do you do?

1. She's making Honors #3; N and S are hot. When a tile is hot, you probably shouldn't throw it. But risk is dependent on circumstances. Sometimes you can tell from discards or other exposures, or from the opponent's body language, that you can take a risk. And sometimes your own hand is ready and you might deem the risk worth taking.

2. The only hand she could be making is Odds #8, a Concealed hand. Call her dead. But be nice about it.

3. Like Numbers. You know Soap, R, and 1C are hot. But check the discard floor to be sure she's dangerous.

4. Could be Consec. #2 or Consec. #3. Hot tiles are 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and dragons in the other suits. The 1s and 2s are your best clues; check to see if any are dead; if so, then you'll know which way she's going.

5. Odds #2. The hot tiles are 3s and 5s in the other two suits. You might find clues on the table.

6. Consec. #3 or Odds #2. 2B, 3B, 4C and 5C are hot.

7. This is also Consec. #3. 2C and 3D are hot.

8. This can only be Odds #8, a Concealed hand. Call her dead.

9. Odds #2. The hot tiles are 3D and 3B.

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